Hi, I'm Dan and thank you for taking a look at Wuffles Design

Based out of my workshop in Somerset, my passion is creating new and interesting pieces of furniture. My work is mostly wood and metal items – it’s hard to beat the challenge of turning a gnarly piece of wood into something beautiful! But I also restore or 'repurpose' other items into something new.

I started out quite a few years ago now initially focusing on joinery for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Often the customer was my wife who would sketch something on a piece of A4 (like a kitchen) and just ask me to build it... Often though, that’s the best way to start a design and I’m always happy to work with the client to understand what it is you’re after from the get go.

My real passion is the one-off, the individual feature item for a room and I’ve been lucky enough to really enjoy commissions for some lovely pieces and lovely clients who have trusted me to create something for them and their beautiful homes. Check out the gallery for some of my recent work and more information.

I frequently post works in progress on Instagram and you can contact me through Instagram, or through Facebook, what about a good old fashioned email or even give me a ring on 07774 022264 and I’ll be happy to have a chat.